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Introduction of Cardington Lincoln Joint Recreation Board Soccer Program

Mission Statement

Where Can You Find Cardington Soccer Information

Handling of Funds

Spring Season -
Parent Meeting, Coach Meeting, When will practice start, When will games start and time

Fall Season - Parent Meeting, Coach Meeting, When will practice start, When will games start and time

Approved Vendors - for uniforms, field equipment, Photographer, Uniform Standards


Sample Schedules - 3 on 3 Tournament, Spring/Fall




Sponsor Information


Evaluation of Players - When/By Who, Evaluation Criteria, and Evaluation Sheet


Team Selection - Players Requesting to play up or down from U age, Who authorizes, Allowable reasons

Coach Guidelines - How many Teams can a Coach have? Principles of Coaching

Rules of the Game and

Miscellaneous - Curriculum available for Coaches/Parents, Handling parent complaints




Coach/Referee Application

Code of Conduct

Referee Log Sheet

Evaluation Sheet

Sponsor Sheet

Player Registration

Snack Sheet

Game Score Sheet

Attendance Sheet




Introduction of Cardington Lincoln Joint Recreation Board Soccer Program
The Cardington-Lincoln Joint Recreation Board Soccer Program was established in the Spring of 2012.  The soccer program is open to children 5 years of age through the 12th grade. The original committee consisted of Bryan Seymour-CLJR Board Member, Amy Woodard, Laura Longesdorf, Matt Longsdorf, Denise and Tom Radcliff, and Jonathan Naylor.  Planning for this new program started in September of 2011.  The program allows children & teens from all over Morrow County and surrounding counties to participate in the program.  2012-2014 the soccer program utilized the Cardington High School  practice football field for soccer games and practice.  At this time “short-sided” soccer was played.  In 2015, the soccer program was able to utilize property behind the school property off of County Road 168.  In 2016, a lease was put in place for this piece of property. The Soccer program is a subcommittee off of the Cardington Lincoln Joint Recreation Board.  All funds, equipment and leasing information are property of the Cardington – Lincoln Joint Recreation Board.   


Mission Statement
Our purpose is to provide every player that desires to play soccer, an appropriate place to play; to help make the soccer experience fun and enjoyable; to instill the principles of fair play and sportsmanship. In doing this, we remember that the game is for the kids. 

Where Can You Find Cardington Soccer Information
Village of Cardington Website –
Facebook -  “Cardington Soccer League”  (this is a closed group, you will need to request to join this group)

Handling of Funds
Funds collected during registration signups and fundraisers will be turned in weekly to the Cardington Village office.  Registration forms will indicate amount paid how – cash/check and date and initials of person who took funds.  Receipts will be provided to player/parent during registration time.  Receipt book will be turned in with original registration forms at the close of each season to the Cardington Village office to be put with the Cardington-Lincoln Joint Recreation Board books. Those who assist with signups or fundraisers will be asked to initial registration forms/receipts for CLJRB records. If reimbursement of funds is required due to purchase for fundraiser etc. a receipt of the item(s) will be required before reimbursement is issued.  Depending on amount a check may be cut or cash given after the CLJRB has okayed the request.

Spring  and Fall Season
Cardington Spring Soccer season starts the 3rd week of April and ends the last week of May.  Please plan to practice at least 2 times per week in March-April.  Cardington Fall Soccer season starts the 1st week of September and ends the 3rd week of October.  Please plan to practice at least 2 times per week in August. Coaches will determine practice days and times.  Games will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays.  The game season will be 6 weeks long.

Spring Season - Cardington Soccer will participate in the Memorial Day Parade.  Details of the parade will be provided as soon as they are available. 

Fall Season - Cardington Soccer will participate in the Homecoming Parade.  Details of the parade will be provided as soon as they are available. 

Coach Meeting
A coaches meeting will be scheduled the last week of January/February (spring season) and last week of July/August (fall season).  Game schedules will be provided once all information is in from our opponents. 

Parent Meeting
A parent meeting will be held with your coach when they schedule it.  Parents are encouraged to get involved.  Please update your cell phone information with your coach if this changes between signup time and actually practice.  We encourage you to stay for practice.  As a courtesy to our coaches please keep us in the loop if your child/teen is unable to make it to practice or a game.  Advanced notice is appreciated.

When will practice start?
Practice will start in March(spring season) and August (fall season)-dress for the weather, on occasion we will practice in the cold/snow/ rain.  Your coach will contact you to let you know details regarding when practice will officially start for your specific team.  If you do not hear from a coach by the first week of March or 1st week of August, please reach out to Bryan Seymour @ 740-244-1989.  He will be able to provide you with your coach’s name and phone number.


When will games start and time?
Games will start the 3rd week of April (spring season) and 1st week of September(fall season). Games will end  the last week of May(spring season) and end of October (fall season). Spring Season - games will start at 6:30pm.  Fall Season – games will start at 6:00pm.   Players are expected to be at the field before the start of the game.  Ideally coaches would like players at the field 30 minutes prior to game for warm ups, position selection and any last minute announcements players need to be aware of.  We do understand time constraint due to work etc. our parents have and will work with you on this.

Approved Vendors
Prior to ordering anything from a Vendor the CLJRB needs to approve the expense and vendor. 

For uniforms - Embroidery Warehouse-Edison, Ohio

For field equipment - Epic Sports/Lowes or Menards-turf paint
Photographer - Jennifer Tackett w/Shoot-N-Frame Photography

Awards - Epic Sports, Crown Awards


Uniform Standards
Red shirt with Cardington Soccer logo, Black shorts, Cardington logo socks, Shin guards (Shin guards are to be worn underneath black socks.) and Cleats.


Schedule & Parking
Schedules are subject to change.  We will play in the rain, so be prepared.  If it happens to be raining and we are playing, please be mindful of the location the game is.  If it is at Cardington, please park in the school parking lot and walk to the field.  Parking in the field is at your own risk and you will be responsible for towing and any damages caused. 
Fundraisers are permitted, please speak with Bryan Seymour for permission.  Health Department guidelines need to be followed for food fundraisers.  Call the Health Department at 419-947-1545 for further information.  Concession stand – currently we do not have a permit for a concession stand at the soccer field.


We would love to have sponsors for our teams.  (See form at the back of this manual for more information regarding sponsors.)  If a company is willing to support us, we have options of how support can be given and what will come with your generous donation to the program.  Sponsorship can be

tax-deductible.  Having several sponsors can make a huge difference.  Funds will be used for uniforms, equipment, paying for licensed referees, paying the fee to join a yearly league for travel soccer.



Evaluation of Players

An evaluation of each player will be at the beginning and end of the season.  This is to assess what skills need work and what skills the player already has down.  The coaches for the soccer program will do the evaluating, at least 2 coaches including the head coach for the team will be an evaluator.
When? Beginning and End of Season
By Who? At least 2 coaches including the head coach will be doing evaluations.

Evaluation Criteria
Speed / Agility: 5 - Extremely fast. Can outrun everyone else and overtake their opponent. 4 - Fast. Will be one of the better runners on the team. 3 - Average Speed. Not the fastest but not the slowest. 2 - Slower Speed. Below average. 1 - Doesn’t like to run.


Kicking (Right Foot / Left Foot, Shots On Goal): 5 - Strong kick. Gets air every time, sends up field without problem, good foot placement & positioning every time. 4 - Has a great kick. May not get air every time, but still strong. Foot placement & positioning good most of the time. 3 ‐ Average kick. Has a strong kick only once in a while. Foot placement only good once in a while; has some toe kicks. 2 ‐ Poor kick. Toe kicks every time. 1 ‐ Avoids kicking the ball.


Passing (Good Pace / Strength, Focused passing for Possession Play): 5 - Great Passing. Places it perfectly every time with excellent vision (feel for when and where to pass it). Can pass with both right and left foot well. Understands through passes and leading a teammate with a pass. 4 - Good Passing. Places it well. May favor only one foot. Demonstrates good vision and when to pass. 3 - Average Passing. Places it only some times. Definitely uses only one foot. 2 – Tries to pass but doesn’t connect. 1 ‐ Doesn’t pass & avoids the ball.


Throw-ins : 5 - Great . Understands how to throw-in and the correct way to throw-in. Throw’s in correctly every time. 4 - Good. Understands how to throw-in but is not consistent in the correct way to throw-in. 3 - Average. Throw-in’s are not consistent and does not understand completely what to do. 2 – Tries but needs guidance/unsure of self. 1 ‐ Does not know how to throw-in.


Dribbling (One Touch, Receives Ball, Too Much Time w/Ball): 5 - Great Dribbling: Uses both feet. Keeps ball close to them with head up. 4 - Good Dribbling. Keeps ball close but favors one foot. Dribbles with head up sometimes. 3 - Average Dribbling with head down. 2 ‐ Difficulty controlling the ball more than a couple touches. Head always down. 1 ‐ Doesn’t dribble & avoids the ball.


Goalkeeping: 5- Handles ball very well. Great reflexes and consistently makes big saves. Reads the field, knows where to send the ball. 4 - Handles ball well. Good reflexes and makes the saves they should make with limited errors. 3 - Average. Just getting a feel for the position. Can stop the ball most of the time but occasionally mishandles the ball. 2 ‐ Timid when ball is kicked to them. Struggles with holding on to the ball. 1 – Drops the ball consistently. Doesn’t like to play Goalie.


Athleticism: 5 - Great Athlete. Could probably be excellent at any sport they tried. 4 - Above average athlete. Excels at this sport. 3 - Average athlete and demonstrates good improvement. 2 ‐ Tries, adjusting. 1 ‐ Beginning Athlete.


Effort (Attitude, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Commitment): 5 - Gives everything they’ve got on every play. Focused and works hard to improve all the time. Always motivated. 4 - Tries hard most of the time. Usually focused and working hard to improve. Easy to motivate. 3 - Average effort, inconsistent. Sometime gives 100% and other times doesn’t. Can be motivated. 2 ‐ Poor effort. Consistently difficult to motivate. 1 ‐ Not interested in soccer.


Team Selection
Teams are selected randomly.  If you are a returning player and in the same bracket(s), we will attempt to put you with the coach you had if the coach is coaching.  Our goal is to improve your skills year after year by keeping past players together on a team.  If a parent feels their child can not play in the bracket their birth year falls in, they will need to speak with Bryan Seymour about possibly moving the child.


Players Requesting to play up or down from U age – who can authorize?

Bryan Seymour

Allowable reasons
All reasons will be discussed with parent/guardian of child prior to final decision being made.  If you feel this is something you need to address, please mark the box on your child’s registration at sign-up time.


·        Mentally or severely physically challenged

·        Safety concern due to child’s size compared to others in the birth year matrix

·        Any other reason that has been discussed with Bryan Seymour and is deemed allowable


Coach Guidelines
These guidelines have been put in place to make our coaching process more formal as well as to follow the same set of rules across the brackets.  These guidelines go hand in hand with the code of conduct parents, players and coaches are to sign at registration time.    As a parent we understand your concern when voices are raised by coaches on the field.  In some instances it may feel as though the coach is picking on the child/teen, in reality the majority of the time raised voices happen in order for the kids to hear what the coach is saying, to make sure the child/teen understands the importance of rules or instruction being given.  Some of our coaches have coached prior and have had several of the children/teens on previous teams over several years, the bond between coach and player is there and the child/teen knows that they are not being yelled at in a mean way.  For those parents that are new to sports, the raising of the voice is used across most sports.  Please talk with your child if this is a new activity for them.  Explain that they aren’t yelling at you in a mean way, they are trying to make sure everyone hears them, and to make sure that you understand what they are saying is important.  If you child complains to you about being yelled at, please reach out to Bryan Seymour-740-244-1989.  He will talk with you, your child and the coach.  Also if your child feels they are being bullied on the field by other children/teens Bryan needs to know this too so it can be addressed with the coach the children/teens and the parents involved in a calm fashion.  Our coaches are like teachers with several kids to keep track of, they do not always see bullying/picking by others.
How many teams can a coach have?
As of the 2017 Season coaches will only be allowed to coach one team.  We have had to many issues with scheduling to allow you to coach additional teams.  We appreciate our coaches and we want you to enjoy your season too.  We feel taking on additional teams is very stressful and can cause burn out. 


Principles of Coaching
Developmentally Appropriate. This challenges the coach to examine the appropriate­ness of the activity. The requirements or demands of the activity should fall within the range of the players’ abilities. Examples include: Attempting to teach a wall-pass to U8’s when they cannot think in advance of the ball or asking a U6 player to stay in a specific position when their spatial awareness is limited and possess a strong desire to chase the ball.

Clear, Concise and Correct Information. How instructions are given is crucial when dealing with young children. Too much information overwhelms them and too little information doesn’t give them enough to get started. Provide enough infor­mation to get them started and then add new challenges.

Simple to Complex. Are the activities presented in a way that allows for ongoing modifications and new challenges to meet the players interests and abilities?

Safe and Appropriate Training Area. The area should be free of hazardous materi­als (e.g., glass, stones, branches, holes, etc.) and be safe from traffic or other environmental dangers. The training environment should be psychologically safe. Does the child feel emotionally secure? Is the fear of failure reduced? Can the child take creative risks without the fear of admonishment from the coach?

Decision Making. Are there opportunities for the players to make decisions? Decisions may be spatial (where to run or pass), temporal (when do I pass or run), or kinesthetic (how do I handle the ball)? These need to be present in all activities for learning to occur.

Implications for the Game. The activities presented in a training session must in some way reflect the demands a player faces in the game. The younger the player the less clear this may seem, while the older the player (i.e. 10 or older), the more clear it will become. However, the implications for the game are even more important for the younger players. The coach at this level is providing the foundational movement and thinking skills that will enable the player to later solve more complex problems.

Eliminating lines, laps and lectures

This was to be included as a principle of coaching, but we decided that its importance warranted its placement here: Eliminating lines, laps and lectures means:

a) running laps is a big part of soccer.  All practice activi­ties should take place on the field, preferably with a ball.

b) lectures should be left for the classroom. Children come to practice to be active and participate, not to be talked to for extended periods of time.

Often, coaches design activities that focus on determining a winner. These activities typically involve elements that lead to players being eliminated from the activity. Those eliminated first are players who usually need the most work on technique and decision-making. Design activities that keep all players engaged throughout the length of the activity. Eliminate elimination games!!

Rules of the Game & Field Size Range by U Bracket

Rules of the game will be utilized from the Us Youth Soccer Program ( and Ohio South Youth Soccer Association ( as well as any rules obtained from the referee Training site utilized by OSYSA (  The “directors” of each league will meet prior to season and discuss any changes they feel need to be implemented based on the updates to the rules from these too entities.  New documents will be provided to coaches as well as the message board at the field will be updated with information.  Parents will also be able to view information online through these sites as well.


Curriculum available for Coaches/Parents
Soccer for Dummies book; Coaching Soccer – DVD; Training DVD’s by division as well as referee DVD


Handling parent concerns - How concerns will be handled by all.  Listen, Respond, Stay Calm, Consider, Be firm, Discuss privately, and Prevent


Coaches,  if you do not feel comfortable handling a concern, please reach out to Bryan Seymour 740-244-1989.  Provide him with parent’s name and number so he can contact them.  


Bryan does want to know about all concerns even if you were able to address them.  On occasion the issue may need to be addressed with the entire league.  The goal is to always evaluate a concern, improve the parent/player experience and address any concern in a timely manner as long as it has been given to us and we are aware of it.


Parents, please address any concerns you may have with your coach or any of the coaches.  If the coach is not sure how to handle the situation he/she will reach out to Bryan.  Or if you do not feel comfortable reaching out to your coach due to the nature of your concern, please contact Bryan @ 740-244-1989 (via-text or call).

Exceptions to this – Contact Bryan Seymour:

·        Issue not be addressed by coach in a timely manner

·        Bullying by coach/players

·        Personal issue you do not feel comfortable discussing with the coach and would like to discuss with Bryan


We want the soccer program to be successful and fun for both parents and players.  We strive to address concerns in a timely manner.  There may be times that the concern will have to be discussed with the Board.  Bryan and the coaches will keep you posted as to where your concern stands if it is not resolved quickly. 


Please do not hesitate to share a concern, usually if you are worried there are others worried too who may be afraid to bring something to our attention.  If we do not know about it we cannot fix the issue.


  Revisions as of December 2016

Rain and temperatures for practice and play—Coaches discretion, however, it has been advised by Bryan Seymour that eh would like practices not to take place if temperature is below 54 degrees for *u4/u5/u6/u7/u8/9/10.  For u11/u12/Middle School & High School below 44 degrees. It was decided at November Committee meeting we would not play in the rain if it had been raining all day (steady/down pour rain).  We want the kids and parents to enjoy soccer not to get sick.  If there are heavy rains that day before or the day of games or practice we would prefer that fields are checked first before committing to either practice of games.  If the parking are is a muddy mess no one is to park and all must walk from the school parking lot to the fields.  This area should tell you that the fields are probably not good to play on either.  Playing in the sprinkles or mild rain is permitted as long as it is not 54 degrees or below.  Bryan or Tina will reach out to someone who lives in Cardington to get an accurate account of the weather in town since we know there is a possibility of it raining where we are but not necessarily at the fields, the information will be passed on or posted to the Cardington Soccer League Facebook Page as well as on the website. We do not under any circumstance play in storms (thunder is usually followed by lightning). Games are suspended for 30 minutes if a storm pops up during a game.



General Contacts

CLJRB Board Contact
419-864-7607 Cardington Village Office

Board Members as of 2016
    Bryan Seymour

    Scott Lester 
    Tom Garrison

    Charity Edwards
    Kari Henthorn

Program Director
740-244-1989  Bryan Seymour

Property Owner - field
For information regarding the ownership and lease – please attend a Cardington-Lincoln Joint Recreation Board meeting, a request for this information would have to be made at a public meeting of the Cardington-Lincoln Joint Recreation Board.


Program Sub-Committee Officers and Misc. Positions:


President (must be a CLJRB Board Member)   Bryan Seymour

Vice President                                                          Scot Howard

Secretary/Treasurer                                                Tina Seymour/Amy Woodard

Advertising & Sponsorship & Fundraising         Tiffani Cronin/David Grayem

Registration Coordinator                                      Tina Seymour/Amy Woodard/Betsy Grayem

Field Maintenance                                                   Bryan Seymour/David Grayem/Julio Martinez

Trainer—Coaches/Referees                                 Scot Howard/Bryan Seymour/Amy Woodward/John Nippert

Website Coordinator                                             Scot Howard/Jennifer Howard/Tina Seymour

Grant Coordinator                                                   Denise Stephens-Radcliffe/Tiffani Cronin

Scheduler                                                                    Tina Seymour/Mandy Nippert/Scot Howard



Complete Cardington Soccer Manual with Forms
cardington soccer manual - january 2018.pdf
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